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Keynote Presentation:
"Immersive Technologies to Transform Training, Safety, and Experience in Healthcare”

Monday, March 27 | 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Peter WeinstockSM.jpg

Peter Weinstock MD, PhD

Executive Director, Immersive Design Systems (IDS)

(formerly SIMPeds)

Senior Associate, Critical Care Medicine

Chair in Pediatric Simulation

Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School


Keynote Presentation Summary: 

In his future-facing Keynote, Dr. Weinstock will take a “disruptive technology” approach to connect 20 years of work in the rudiments and foundation of medical simulation to the blueprint and creation of an ecosystem built to fully capture the power of immersive technologies to optimize performance and reduce risk among people and systems at Boston Children’s and around the world.


Dr Weinstock’s Bio:

Dr. Peter Weinstock is a practicing pediatric intensive care unit physician who has combined a passion for innovation with >25 years of experience in general and subspeciality surgery, adult and pediatric medicine, and innovation, to design and install hospital-based immersive technology platforms to improve and save lives.  


Dr. Weinstock helped found the field of pediatric simulation and directs the Boston Children’s Immersive Design Systems (formerly The Simulator Program (SIMPeds)) - one of largest return on investment healthcare simulation enterprises world-wide -- merging human factors, organizational learning, industrial engineering, 3D Print and immersive haptic and XR technologies, to study and prepare world-class healthcare surgeons, clinicians and systems and reduce anxiety to optimize experiences for patients and families.


Founding President of the International Pediatric Simulation Society representing countries around the globe, he has built simulation platforms into health care systems in the US, UK, Europe, Africa and Australasia. Dr. Weinstock serves on multiple advisory boards including education, simulation, social robotics and AI and lectures internationally including TED on game changers in surgical and medical healthcare, state of the art simulation, and has published widely raising millions of dollars in grant funding for healthcare innovation.


Dr. Weinstock is Senior Associate in Critical Care Medicine, Endowed Chair in Pediatric Simulation, and Associate Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School. A 1989 cum laude graduate of Columbia University, he received his PhD from Rockefeller University in molecular genetics and cellular biology, clinical training in plastic and general surgery at the University of Pittsburgh and general pediatrics and critical care medicine at the Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

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