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Thank you to our exhibitors of the 2023 International Symposium. 


Agilis Consulting Group, LLC - Table top 11

Agilis is your trusted human factors partner for the global medical market. Our mission is to help our clients provide end users with safer and more reliable medical devices and we are proud of our success rate! Choosing Agilis as your human factors partner provides the advantage you need to navigate the complex global regulatory landscape and achieve successful human factors submission the first time!

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BlackHagen Design.png

Blackhagen Design - Table top 7

BH is an interdisciplinary, usability research and design firm. At our core, user-centered methodologies drive innovation and sustainable product development of safety-critical devices and systems. Our team of Human Factors Engineers has extensive experience in applied Usability Engineering processes for medical R&D. We can conduct a single usability test or manage the entire Usability Engineering file for your system or device. Utilizing our experience with product design and development, we can support the integration.

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Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) - Table top 6

BCPE certification will help you differentiate yourself amongst your peers, signaling to future employers that you have achieved proficiency regarding human centered design considerations. You demonstrate understanding of: 1) full perspectives of a problem; 2) physical and cognitive limitations of humans; 3) context of use and influence of the environment that affects behavior; and, 4) seeing the value of features to a user, yet identifying what design characteristics are needed. Visit us at our exhibit!

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Bold Insight.png

Bold Insight - Table top 14

Bold Insight is a UX and human factors research agency. We span the product development life cycle; our research informs early product design to global human factors validation, all to ensure user experiences are useful, usable, safe, engaging, and satisfying. We primarily work in healthcare, where we have experience across hundreds of products; we work with digital, next-generation technology from medical devices to mobile apps, connected systems to packaging and labeling.

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Castle IRB.png

Castle IRB - Table top 4

Castle IRB is an AAHRPP accredited, independent Institutional Review Board (ethical review board). Our IRB has decades of experience reviewing human factors research involving human participants. The primary purpose of a review is to assure the protection of the rights, safety and welfare of the participants. Castle IRB has been collaborating with human factor researchers for years to streamline the ethical review process and provide expert guidance to ensure your research is compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Design Science - Table top 1

Advancing the cutting edge of medicine; promoting safety in healthcare; collaborating with the foremost life science companies; all the while nurturing employees’ creativity and providing them with an enviable work-life balance. The usability engineering firm located in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Munich puts patients and their support team at the center of medical technology advancements.

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Element Materials Technology - Table top 2

Bringing innovative medical device technology to the marketplace is a high‐risk venture. That’s why Element strives to provide absolute testing certainty by delivering accurate and reliable results for our clients’ medical device testing needs, from small, start-up ventures to large, established manufacturers.

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Emergo by UL - Table top 13

The Emergo HFR&D team has decades of cumulative experience serving medical and non-medical industry clients. The common thread across hundreds of product development projects has been helping clients succeed.


We helped client succeed by:

  • Ensuring that human factors research and design efforts have complied with regulatory requirements and industry standards

  • Ensuring that the right level of creativity and energy has been expended to ensure that the end product delivers an excellent user experience.

  • Guiding them to make appropriate levels of investment in human factors research and design to achieve their commercial goals.

  • Delivering trustworthy advice on how to leverage internal and external resources to bring safe, effective, usable, and satisfying products to market.

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Exponent - Table top 12

Exponent is a multi-disciplinary engineering and scientific consulting firm that brings together more than 90 different disciplines to solve engineering, science, regulatory, and business issues facing our clients. Our industry-leading Centers for Scientific User Research (CSUR) arm our Ph.D.-level scientists with an unparalleled array of advanced UX research methods and capabilities. This includes support for medical device research across the product development lifecycle and FDA submission needs.

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Fieldwork - Table top 9

Fieldwork is committed to connecting our clients with the right users, in the right environment, to conduct quality human factors research. With facilities dispersed across the United States and the ability to recruit your ideal target audience for human factors usability testing, Fieldwork will handle the project logistics so that you can focus on the research. Spacious conference rooms equipped for human factors testing, and attached observation rooms with one way viewing,

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HFUX Research - Table top 15

HFUX Research is a human factors and user experience consultancy specializing in MedDev, MedTech, pharmaceutical and combination product research and development. Our mission is to empower organizations around the globe – from startups to Fortune 500s – to realize their HFUX goals. Our priority is to advocate for clinicians and patients to create safe and satisfying user experiences through innovative human-centered design. We realize there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ solution for all. We provide customized HFUX strategies and solutions tailored to every clients’ individual R&D needs. Whether you are inventing the world’s first computer-aided aortic occlusion catheter or designing smart infusion pump systems for patients at home, our multidisciplinary team provides HFUX expertise for your needs. At HFUX, human factors is not just a regulatory requirement; it is our philosophy.

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Ipsos - Table top 8

Ipsos is one of the largest market research companies in the world, present in 90 markets and employing more than 18,000 people. Our passionately curious research and design professionals within our User Experience and Human Factors team use an evidence-based approach to the exploration, design, and evaluation of health care products and services to meet user needs. Our tagline "Game Changers" sums up our ambition to help our customers move confidently through a rapidly changing world.

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Noble International.png

Noble International - Table top 10

Noble International, an Aptar pharma company is a single source partner and can leverage the voice of the patient to assist our pharmaceutical clients throughout the drug and development pathway. Our areas of specialty include patient centered user design solutions, user experience integration, quality systems and design controls, human factors & regulatory support, training and onboarding programs, and product launch support.

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Rare Patient Voice LLC.jpg

Rare Patient Voice, LLC- Table top 17

Rare Patient Voice, LLC provides patients and family caregivers an opportunity to participate in all types of research including market research, health economics outcomes and real-world evidence, user experience/human factors studies, and clinical trials. RPV has a panel of over 100,000 patients and family caregivers across more than 1,400 diseases, both rare and non-rare, in nine countries.


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Research Collective.png

Research Collective - Table top 18

Research Collective is an experienced Human Factors Engineering and User Experience consultancy with a mission to make medical products usable, desirable, and most importantly, safe. Let us assist you with your HF research, UX design, and regulatory compliance.


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THAY Medical - Table top 5

We are a specialist Human Factors and Usability Engineering consultancy who partner with clients to focus on medical and pharmaceuticals devices and their users. We support our clients and bring a passion to ensuring all users can safely and effectively use medical devices. In addition, we also work to the US-based FDA requirements and European CE/CA regulations. All services are performed to our own ISO 13485 certified quality management system.


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Thrivable - Table top 16

Thrivable unlocks insights that empower healthcare companies to make a difference in their patient's lives. Our focus on quality starts with our diverse database of panelists and ends with accurate and actionable insights that support decision making at all levels within an organization, leading to the development of breakthrough products. 


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Thrive - Table top 3

THRIVE is a strategic design firm innovating at the frontiers of health and well-being. We have extensive experience applying human factors to products ranging from medical devices used by specialized healthcare professionals in clinical environments to combination products used by laypeople in the home to in-vitro diagnostic systems or reprocessing workflows used by technicians in the lab. Regardless of the type of product you’re developing or the users you’re designing for, we’re here to help. Reach out today.


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Veranex Solutions - Table top 19

Veranex is a global medical device solution provider that brings expertise in design and engineering, human factors, regulatory affairs, quality systems, preclinical studies, clinical trial strategy/execution, data management, reimbursement, and market access together with integrated support across your entire product life cycle.  By uniting these industry-leading service organizations - IMMR, Experien Group, Ximedica, Worrell, Boston Healthcare Associates, Quartesian, Fusion Biotec, Devicia, and Medidee - Veranex delivers expert guidance that accelerates your speed to market, controls development costs, mitigates development risk, and accelerates market viability assessment. From concept-to-commercialization, Veranex customers realize efficiencies in cost and time through integrated and comprehensive solutions that unify your entire development process.


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